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Imago Dialogue

Imago Relationship Therapy was developed by Dr. Harville Hendrix and Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt in 1980.


Imago Relationship Therapy is a relational and couples healing space where conflict is transformed into deep connection in understanding yourself and the other individual. With this form of communication, the relationship is able to shift from an unconscious way of being present to a conscious way of being present in a relationship.

Values Workshop

Values are inherently determined by your lost parts that you unconsciously have a deep driven desire to find. Nothing is ever lost only in hiding until you are ready to make the deeply personal connection to your current values  When you find yourself challenged with life and wanting to understand yourself more, this is a solid place to begin.

Our Core Strengths

By working through the consultation process of beyondbeing, you are able to overcome your challenges and effectively manage the behavioural patterns that hold you back in making a significant impact on your magnificent life.








Jerry Sam

Jerry’s mission is to help people realize their full potential by turning perceptions of what people consider weaknesses into fuel to ultimately empower and enrich their lives. Through his background as a Masters in Biomedical Engineering he endeavors to find optimal and efficient systems to maximize human performance.

He has pursued his journey in personal development more than 7 years, specializing in human behavior psychology, is trained as a Demartini Facilitator and currently completing his Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching through SACAP.

Jerry is not one to express his achievements with words, rather by the measurable outcomes demonstrated by the various breakthroughs and testimonials of his clients.

"Keep going. Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations."

René Rangasamy

René is a trained facilitator in both Imago Relationship Therapy and The Demartini Method. She has used these learnings extensively while raising her five children all of whom are adults now, in her workspaces and daily interactions. 

She realized over time that what we need to sustain a balanced and fulfilling life lies within us. There is an innate intelligence that we’re born with and over time we lose touch with this due to
our unsuspecting unconscious actions and thoughts. When we allow ourselves through reflective, mindful thought we’re are able to tap back into it. This action gives rise to a life of far greater
meaning and the best of all, we become self realized and inspired. Our mind and heart recognizes our unique and vital presence in the world.

Self inspiration is recognizing the fully alive life force within you to create for yourself.

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